It is a great tonic and medicine to enhance the performance of body, it slows down the aging dramatically. There are several ways pearl powder could be administered orally, in Ayurveda, simply “Pearl Pisty” is prepared by grinding wet with rosewater in mortar to ultra fine paste.

We mention here one recipe of combination with garlic and honey. The administration of the same gives sure result to boost immune system and uplifts the potency, one feels younger within the period of one week of intake. Specially those who have underwent or are undergoing chemotherapy, recovery is much faster and repair mechanism of the body is revived rapidly.

In the process - simply take 5 numbers of garlic cloves, cut them in small pieces and mash in the kitchen mortar, and leave it for 15 minutes, then fine pearl paste in an amount of quarter tea spoon is added in the crushed garlic paste, and taken the combination with one spoon of pure honey.  it is noted that taking the same with empty stomach is more effective. Importantly, do your best to chew the mixture before swallowing.

It prevents heart attack and coronary heart disease also If you taken everyday, you will feel more energized, healthy and it will boost your immune system and potency to extremely high extent within a few days only.

Note - Garlic is ineffective to insulin dependents, one should consult his doctor if taking insulin is taken.  Instead of garlic Ginger paste can be added.


Anti-Aging and Immune System Booster